So the short version is: I’ve been doing freelance writing for the science YouTube channel SciShow, and for SciShow Space. I’ve been a fan of their work (and their sister channel Crash Course) for a while, so this was a pretty exciting opportunity to come my way. I’m writing scripts on all sorts of topics for them, and (hopefully) getting better as I’ve been going.

This post will serve as a hub for all my SciShow activity – basically whenever a video comes out featuring one of my scripts, I’ll update this post with it. So, in reverse-chronological order by release date, here’s all the videos with scripts by yours truly

Why We’re Building Underground Telescopes

How The Six Degrees Phenomenon Has Changed Science

When Will We All Die?: The Statistics of Human Extinction

The Strange, Frictionless World of Superfluids

The Quantum Theory that Connects the Entire Universe

There’s a Loophole in One of the Most Important Laws of Physics

The Impossible Element Hiding in the Sun

How We Make the Coldest Things in the Universe

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