I’m a physics PhD student at University College London, doing research in molecular/chemical physics. Specifically, I’m studying the computational simulation of ultracold chemical reactions. I graduated from Imperial College in 2015 with an MSci in Physics with Theoretical Physics. My main physics interests are atomic & molecular physics, quantum mechanics, cosmology, and theoretical and computational physics in general.

Outside the lab, I’m a former chair (“Chairentity”) of the Imperial College Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (ICSF), and as such my interests include assorted TV shows, films, comics, board games, and video games, mostly of the sci-fi/fantasy variety. I’m also a member of the British Humanist Association, and the Labour Party.

I also work for London Chessboxing, coordinating the display at their events. Come along; they’re great fun!


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My Tumblr, Natural Blogarithms, a maths-themed blog I somehow stumbled into making/running. (It’s mostly reblogs.)

I’m sure I’ll think of some cute, witty physics-related quote to end this with at some point in the future…